Teamwork in Oconee County- ED 101

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Communication within a team is extremely important in order for the team to be effective. With that in mind, the Oconee Economic Alliance decided to conduct economic development presentations, called “ED 101,” with the councils of the five municipalities in Oconee County. The goal of “ED 101” is to communicate and emphasize the efforts being taken to position all of Oconee County for future economic development successes.

Economic development is a team sport and on Team Oconee the cities are critical team members for Oconee County’s continued success. When a company decides to locate their business here or an existing company decides to continue and expand here, it means good things for Oconee. Good things happening in Oconee affect all of Oconee- from new jobs to increased use of utilities, the ripple effect has significant impact along the Main Streets throughout the county.

“ED 101” is a time to educate, discuss the latest happenings and talk about better ways to work together. The Oconee Economic Alliance team has already conducted two “ED 101” presentations and is very pleased with the response. These meetings have spurred great conversation and will lead to many more fruitful discussions.

We would like to thank our teammates on the five councils in the County for their support of “ED 101” and we look forward to continued learning and listening as we continue this process.

As we always like to say, “The best days of Oconee County are ahead of us.”


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