What does “manufacturing” mean to you? What does “Made in Oconee” mean to you? What do you really think about a career in manufacturing?

The Oconee Economic Alliance wanted to know what students in Oconee County really thought about manufacturing so we decided to go straight to the source. We talked to six different students from across the school district and what they said might surprise you. Take a look at this video…

The Made in Oconee County initiative, referred to as #MadeInOC, is an effort to tell the story and further the conversation of the manufacturing sector in Oconee County, South Carolina. Our community has a rich history of manufacturing prowess and a hard work ethic that is not dying, contrary to popular belief, but flourishing in the changing economy and generating new opportunities. This #MadeInOC campaign is designed to celebrate what is made in Oconee, from industrial products to the agribusiness sector, and enhance the understanding of what makes Oconee County a great place to live, work, play and invest.

Oconee County is blessed with over 60 manufacturers that employ over 6,000 people, this represents nearly 18% of our county’s entire workforce, and the manufacturing average wage in Oconee County is in excess of $58,000/year.

Many are unaware of the products that are #MadeInOC and the people who make them. When products are #MadeInOC, everyone benefits from the investment being made as new tax revenues are generated, the local economy is diversified and jobs are created.
While most people assume all careers in manufacturing involve a dirty low-paying assembly line, this just isn’t the reality. From finance to graphic design, engineering to human resources, if you can think of a career cluster, you can find it represented in a manufacturing facility in Oconee County. Manufacturing is an exciting, ever-evolving field with dynamic, well-paying career opportunities.

This #MadeInOC initiative is the Oconee Economic Alliance’s effort to raise the visibility of the manufacturing industry, bridge the gap between manufacturing facilities and the school system and to highlight diverse employment opportunities for our students, as well as ensure local manufacturers have access to skilled, local talent. Our challenge to you is to watch the video and begin to talk about what #MadeInOC is all about as we need students, parents, teachers, citizens, businesses leaders and community leaders to understand the realities of today’s manufacturing environments.

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