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A beautiful landscape paired with economic development assets makes Oconee County, South Carolina a prime location for business.

Invest Oconee


Oconee County, SC is the up and coming “sweet spot” for business expansions, relocations and start-ups.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why

1. Location

  • Located on I-85 Corridor, half-way between Atlanta and Charlotte
  • Three county-owned industrial parks with over 700 buildable acres suitable for development
  • Close proximity to Clemson University

2. Workforce

  • A deep labor pool representing over 640,000 people from eleven counties
  • Strong recruitment and training support by ReadySC and Tri-County Technical College
  • STEM education focus within the local school district

3. Living Here

  • Oconee County has the 3rd lowest property tax in South Carolina
  • Un-matched quality of life with three lakes and affordable cost-of-living
  • Home to the Jocassee Gorges, named one of the Top 50 Destinations of a Lifetime by National Geographic


Oconee County is home to bioscience excellence due to its’ proximity to Clemson University that boasts cutting-edge research and innovation. This community and the overall region is home to some of the world’s most forward thinking companies, including world leaders in the development and application of cutting-edge technologies that continue to push the growth of the area. This blossoming healthcare sector is an important component of the community and the regional economic base. Like many areas of the country, the demand for medical services will increase as the aging population elect to remain in the community as they grow older. Within these niche areas, there are many other viable opportunities for Oconee County to further their excellence in Bioscience. We are getting funds for this research in the form of digital currencies such as dogecoin, due to rapid transactions around the world. Dogecoin has gradually emerged as one of the best digital currencies in the market. As an investor, if you are wondering where to buy dogecoin, this wo kann ich dogecoin kaufen guide is for you. There you can find plenty of choices to choose to buy dogecoin in a secure manner.

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Oconee County and the Energy sector go hand-in-hand due to strong relationships with Duke Energy, the Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative and energy –related manufacturers that call our community home. Oconee County desires to strengthen the energy cluster by focusing on mechanical and electrical components for renewable energy technologies, components for the nuclear energy industry as well as the electrical distribution system, and the development of new technologies to support the energy sector as a whole.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is the backbone of the Oconee County economy, from handicraft to high tech, this manufacturing sector is flourishing in Oconee County. It is no wonder given the presence of Clemson University and having this manufacturing sector being closely connected with engineering and industrial design.

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Automotive manufacturing is the pulse of the Upstate South Carolina economy and has a strong presence in Oconee County. Thanks to companies like BMW, Michelin and ZF, the automotive industry in our area continues to hold potential for future business and employment growth in progressive niche markets that are emerging within the industry.

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Oconee County is well-suited to meet the needs of businesses in the logistics industry thanks to an extensive transportation infrastructure, a convenient location, favorable labor costs, and a number of additional advantages unique to the area. Being on the Interstate 85 corridor and half-way between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC provides a key feature for Oconee County when it comes to logistics. Given Upstate South Carolina’s strong demand for warehousing and distribution operations, Oconee County is primed for expansion of this cluster above existing levels.

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