Vision 2028

“Oconee By Choice”- Oconee County’s 2008-2028 Vision Plan

logo-2“Oconee By Choice”- Oconee County’s 2008-2028 Vision Plan

While some refer to the vision plan as a road map to the future, it’s more like a GPS system that will actively guide Oconee County’s citizens, elected officials and civic leaders to 2028. The plan was developed by citizens throughout the county under the guidance of a citizen-based steering committee. Our request is that you read this Vision. If a certain category or item stimulates you, contact us to learn more about joining us in implementing that portion of the Vision. Remember, it is a twenty-year Vision and we must work together, within the available resources, to make our great county even greater. With your involvement, we will truly experience Oconee by Choice - Your Choice for 2028.

Vision 2028 plan