Oconee County is an ACT Certified Work Ready Community that boasts a labor shed of over 632,000 people from eleven different

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Workforce Facts & Figures

Anderson - Oconee - Pickens (AOP) Business & Industry Showcase

Each year over 5,000 eighth graders from Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties are exposed to the business world by interacting with company representatives from a wide variety of industries. Students learn more about the pathways to take to gain the knowledge and skills needed for specific career clusters. The goal of this annual event continues to be simple – to help young people and their parents understand the decisions that they need to make now in order to thrive in their future careers.

Visit the AOP Business & Industry Showcase website for more information. 

Hamilton Career Center - Prepare for the Future

“Made In Oconee” Campaign

“Made In Oconee” is a coordinated marketing initiative established by the Oconee Economic Alliance to enrich the relationship between local manufacturers and the school district of Oconee County. This multi-tiered campaign highlights the products made in Oconee County and the people who make them.

The first phase of the “Made In Oconee” campaign is primarily focused on gauging the general perception of manufacturing in local students and working to change it. Students from across the county were asked an array of questions in order to gain a real perspective on young people’s sentiments surrounding manufacturing. The responses were varied, enlightening and will play an important role in how future conversations are shaped.

The Oconee Economic Alliance wanted to know what students in Oconee County really thought about manufacturing so we decided to go straight to the source. We talked to six different students from across the school district and what they said might surprise you.