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Fair Play Sewer Survey Results

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For Immediate Release

Fair Play Sewer Survey Results

By: Emily Hodge

The Oconee Economic Alliance recently conducted a survey related to the extension of sewer access through the interstate corridor of Southern Oconee County. The survey consisted of four main questions and was meant to gauge interest in extending the sewer infrastructure from the Golden Corner Commerce Park Fair Play and exits 4, 2, and 1 of Interstate 85. The questions and responses to this survey are as follows:

Q: How would you classify your residency in the Village of Fair Play?

A: - Full-time: 46.58%

- Seasonal/Weekend: 10.96%

- Business Owner: 5.48%

- Rental Property/Investment Owner: 1.37%

- Vacant Land Owner: 2.74%

- Concerned Citizen (living outside of Fair Play): 32.88%


Q: Do you believe the Village of Fair Play needs a sewer System?

A: - Yes, for everyone: 57.53%

- Yes, just for business/commercial use: 15.07%

- No, just pass it through Fair Play and onto I-85: 27.4%


Q: Setting cost aside, if available at your property, would you tap/connect to this new sewer system?

A: - Yes: 48.57%

- No: 22.86%

- Maybe, depending on cost: 28.57%


Q: Did the town hall meeting give you all of the information you needed?

A: - The meeting was informative and a great Q&A discussion: 6.78%

- The meeting did not give me all of the pertinent information: 3.39%

- I did not attend the meeting: 5.08%

- I am taking the survey before the meeting: 84.75%


As indicated in the survey responses, the overall sentiment to extending the sewer to the Interstate corridor within southern Oconee County is positive. This coincides with the impression felt from a town hall meeting in Oakway on November 2, 2017.

The OEA and county government will continue to investigate ways in which to accomplish this goal of enhancing infrastructure in Southern Oconee to yield additional economic development opportunities, so stay tuned!

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