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Oconee Economic Alliance announces “Think Oconee!” campaign

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(SENECA, S.C.) – October 6, 2016 – “Think Oconee!” is a coordinated spend local campaign created by the Oconee Economic Alliance and Destination Oconee to focus local spending habits, support the county’s businesses and to celebrate what makes Oconee County special.

“Think Oconee!” encourages residents to make intentional decisions as to where they spend their dollars, deepening their connection to the community. The social impact of a “spend local” campaign is wide reaching- building a personal relationship between local consumers and local business owners which contributes to a stronger sense of community. When businesses are successful and thriving, more activity is attracted to the area which is more attractive to visitors.

“The economic impact of ‘Think Oconee!’ has the potential to be powerful but it has to start with each of us,” said Robert Halfacre, chairman of the Oconee Economic Alliance. “We have a choice in what we buy and from whom we buy it. We simply want people in our area to intentionally ‘Think Oconee!’”

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, money spent with local businesses stays in the community and can continue to circulate up to seven times. One local purchase creates a ripple effect of spending including wages, subsequent purchases of goods and services, donations to local charities, business to business purchases, increase in local taxes and more.

“’Think Oconee!’ is greater than a traditional ‘buy local’ campaign. ‘Think Oconee!’ is a holistic approach to encouraging residents to participate in making Oconee County the best place it can be,” said Janet Hartman, manager of Destination Oconee. “From purchasing goods and services, to participating in events and activities, to being a positive voice in the community, each of us can contribute to the overall success of Oconee County. ‘Think Oconee!’ will require a change of mindset. We want it to be a way of life that celebrates and supports what we love most- the local businesses and farmers who reflect the unique character, flavor and culture of the place we call home.”



Oconee Economic Alliance The Oconee Economic Alliance is a public-private nonprofit effort to accelerate job creation and capital investment, increase per capita income, diversify the local tax base and generate awareness of Oconee County, South Carolina as a business location. To learn more, please visit


  • Joey Sarkees | Oct 17, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    “Think Oconee” looks like it will be a great campaign. I really like the logo-very classic looking.

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