Success Stories: BASF’s 2016 Expansion

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Since 1987, BASF has called Oconee County home. And now, nearly 20 years later, the chemical and refinery company has decided to dig its roots a little deeper by expanding its local operations.

In June, BASF announced its decision to expand its operations through the acquisition of additional machinery and equipment, resulting in $60 million in capital investment.

BASF is a German-born company that first began operating in the United States in 1873. In this 143 year period, the company has grown to over 17,000 employees nationwide with more than 100 facilities, including R & D sites. On a corporate level, BASF has five segments: chemicals, performance products, functional materials and solutions, agricultural solutions and oil & gas. The Seneca facility is a specialty chemical catalysts and precious metal refinery.

The catalysts and precious metals processed in Seneca go on to be included in a variety of products including herbicides, plastics, pharmaceuticals, auto-emission catalysts, fragrances and fertilizers. Another noteworthy product includes water-treatment media, which is vital in the process of removing lead, arsenic and other impurities from drinking water.

Not only has BASF taken great strides to become a world-leader in chemicals, they have made huge efforts to be leaders in this community. As a member of the local chamber as well as the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, BASF has proven its devotion to promote a favorable business climate for our state. In Oconee County, BASF is a member of the Oconee County Industrial Group: a collaboration of representatives from the local industrial base that focus on workforce development and improving the current business climate.

BASF’s successes in Oconee County have not gone without notice. When asked about the expansion announcement, Oconee County Council Chairman Paul Cain said, “We graciously welcome this substantial investment from one of our wonderful corporate citizens who has found success in Oconee for more than 25 years. This investment is further confirmation that Oconee County’s workers and business environment are world-class, and we will continue to invest in infrastructure and programs that businesses need to be successful in an ever-changing world.”

The Oconee Economic Alliance has never been shy in saying this area is an ideal location for businesses to do business. BASF’s 2016 expansion is proof. This company’s decision to expand its operations and strengthen their ties to the community is all thanks to the commitment of Oconee County to making this an environment capable of fostering industry and growth. Oconee County, South Carolina is the “geography of opportunity.”

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