Success Stories

Industry Success

TDC Cutting Tools/ GreenTech Recycling/Greenfield Industries

HQ in Oconee County – June 2014

“Through this expansion, TDC has positioned itself for strong future growth in its overseas markets. TDC chose Oconee County for its overseas headquarters largely due to the proximity to Clemson University and Tri-County Technical College, the good support provided by both county and state governments, regional infrastructure and potential cost advantages.” – Jeff Chee, founder and CEO of TDC Cutting Tools, Inc.

“TDC chose to come to South Carolina because of our world-class workforce, strategic location, and a business environment that has proven to provide the support needed for long-term success. We couldn’t be more excited to congratulate TDC and Greenfield Industries on their $8.2 million investment and 38 new jobs they are bringing to Oconee County.”– Gov. Nikki Haley

“TDC has not only decided to consolidate its subsidiary in South Carolina, but they have also decided to bring their own business operations here. The trust they have in our state speaks volumes about South Carolina’s business climate.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt 

“We are delighted to see that TDC Cutting Tools and its subsidiary Greenfield Industries have chosen to deepen their roots in Oconee County by expanding operations and placing their overseas headquarters here. The success they have found in our community is a testament to our local workforce and the pro-business atmosphere that makes our area ripe for global business.” – Member of Oconee County Council


Plastic Products Company 

Moved to Oconee County – May 2014

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome PPC to South Carolina. Their presence will bring great things to Seneca and the state of South Carolina as a whole – creating 68 new jobs and putting our citizens to work.” – Gov. Nikki Haley

“We welcome PPC as they open their first location in South Carolina. Their decision to locate in Oconee County demonstrates the strength of our state’s manufacturing sector.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

“We are excited that Plastic Products Company has chosen to locate to our community, and every one of these new jobs will have a positive impact on Oconee County.” –Member of Oconee County Council


US Engine Valve

Expanded in Oconee County – February 2014

“This investment to support growth in our North American valve business is great for our customers, employees, and  the communities where we live and work. We especially want to thank the South Carolina’s Department of Commerce and the Oconee County Economic Development Commission for their support in helping make the expansion in the Westminster facility come to fruition.” -Bobby Dover, plant manager, USEV in South Carolina

“U.S. Engine Valve is a prime example of how South Carolina is ideal for growing existing businesses, especially those in the automotive sector. Their commitment of $29.5 million investment and 125 new jobs will continue to provide a positive economic impact to the Upstate region.” – Gov. Nikki Haley

“Over the past two decades, South Carolina has become a heavy hitter in the automotive industry, with more than 250 auto-related companies and suppliers located here. Thanks to companies like U.S. Engine Valve, more than 45,000 South Carolinians are employed today in the automotive industry alone.” -Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

“It’s exciting to see this global company expand their footprint in Oconee County. This demonstrates to the world we have the labor force, a positive business climate and an excellent partnership with our technical school to satisfy the needs of industry.” – Member of Oconee County Council


Small Business Success

MoreSun Design

Located to the Oconee Business Center – February 2014

“Chanda relocated to Walhalla in order to expose her business to new opportunities. This is a prime example of why the Oconee Business Development Center was established and how the county is working to focus on small business growth.  The volunteer staff of TCEDC have partnered with over 400 individuals in the last two years to provide guidance in navigating the waters of starting a business or getting over certain growth hurdles.” -Dave Eldridge, CEO of the Tri-County Entrepreneurial Development Corporation (TCEDC)